Perks of Being a WordCamp Speaker

Are you on the fence about applying to speak at WordCamp Seattle this year? Then this is going to push you over the edge to the greener grass for sure. (Sorry about the mixed metaphors there.)

Perks of Being a WordCamp Speaker

At WordCamp Seattle, we treat our speakers like royalty. Here are just some of the amazing benefits of speaking this year that you don’t want to miss out on:

Get to attend camp for FREE!

Free admission to WordCamp both days (including lunch). Duh! This one’s a no-brainer. We don’t pay our speakers, but we do love them so very much because they are top notch. The least we can do is let them in for free and buy them a meal or two.

We’ve got exclusive WordCamp swag just for you

Everyone loves the WordCamp swag – USB drives, charger cords, etc. Did you know speakers get a little something extra? Last year it was some delicious, locally–made Theo’s chocolates. Yum! And we are working something even better this year.

You get to chill in the green room

Have you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity? At WordCamp Seattle, we have a dedicated green room just for speakers (and volunteers) to hang out in at any time during the event – just like the guest stars on the Tonight Show. It’s an awesome place to store your stuff while you’re at camp and especially while you’re on stage. And it’s away from all the hubbub. Great place to collect yourself (or cram in those last minute changes to your slides) before going up in front of hundreds of people.

Networking and notoriety

One of the most popular things about WordCamp is the Corridor Track and getting to network and make new friends and connections. When you are one of the WordCamp speakers, it’s like you’re a rockstar. Everybody knows you. Everybody wants you, and you really stand out and get known which makes networking all that more fun and fruitful.

We’ve even heard tell of speakers who have booked consulting work because of their presence at WordCamp. (More on that later.)

Opportunity to mentor with someone (if you wanted to)

If you’re relatively new to speaking and are interested, we can line you up with a speaker mentor who can help review your slides and presentation, give feedback, and offer some general coaching on being a good speaker and presenter.

(If you’re a seasoned pro at speaking and are interested in being a mentor to someone else. Let us know, and we will add you to our list of mentors. What an amazing way to pay it forward.)


So are you pumped to speak at WordCamp yet?


Deadline to for applications is AUGUST 5th.


PS. Don’t miss out on the final few Speaker Training Workshops next week at the Olympia WordPress meetup and the Bellingham WordPress meetup – both on Thursday, July 20th.

photo credit: Todd Poirier

5 Myths About Speaking at WordCamp (and Why You Can Ignore Them and Apply Anyway)

We have had some fantastic Speaker Training sessions around the Sound this past month and are working on putting together a few more coming up in July, but we wanted to share with you some of the gems from the workshops we’ve done thus far in case you haven’t been able to attend one.

This week, we’re debunking 5 big myths about speaking at a WordCamp. Let’s dive right in…

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QUICK REMINDER: Speaker Training Workshops Coming Up

Speaker Training Reminders

The Speaker Training Workshop we held at the WordPress Seattle Meetup Women’s Study Group last weekend was a rousing success, and we had quite a few folks walk out of that with tangible ideas for some really compelling session proposals. (Can’t wait to see them!)

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Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Public Speaking Muscles to Gear Up for WordCamp?

If you’re teetering on the edge of applying to speak at WordCamp but maybe are still a little intimidated about the prospect of public speaking, don’t worry – help is on the way!

WordCamp 2017 Speaker Training Workshops

One of the core tenets of WordCamp centers around inclusion and diversity. This goes for speakers, attendees, volunteers – the whole gamut.

And it extends to diversity of experience levels as well.

So even if you’re not a seasoned public speaker or a seasoned WordPress pro but you still have an experience or a WordPress topic you know a little something about and want to share, we want to hear from you.

To that end, and to help those out who may be newer to the public speaking scene (or even those who just want to build those muscles a little bit)…
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Get Out of the Box with Your WordCamp Session Format

Everyone knows and loves the quintessential WordCamp session — a 25- or 30-minute talk with slides and 15 minutes of Q&A afterwards. It’s the staple of WordCamps the world over.


If you’d like to dip your toe in the WordCamp speaking waters but aren’t in love with the lecture-style,


You’re an out-of-the-box kind of the person and the same old, same old just doesn’t cut it for you,

Then this is the blog post for you.

Get Out of the Box with Your WordCamp Session Format

This year, we’re making a concerted effort to branch out at WordCamp Seattle and include more out-of-the-box types of sessions. So put your creative thinking caps on and let’s look at some other session formats you might consider…
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WCS 2017 launches website

We’re so excited to have a brand new graphic identity thanks for our great marketing team led by Lisa Stewart and Carla Conrad. We couldn’t have done it without Teri Shelton from River Dog Marketing who themed the site.  And a special thanks to Michael Riffle Photography for use of his Seattle skyline photo.

Here are a few things to check out:

Notice we’ve added a new Community Sponsor level for only $250 which gets you into WordCamp, a link on the website and knowing that you’re contributing to the local WordPress Seattle community.

There’s lots more there. If you catch any bad links, typos or things that are missing, let us know. We’ll be adding more over the coming weeks.

Oh…and don’t forget to subscribe in the footer to be notified as we add new things!